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četvrtak, 25. listopada 2012.

TuneUp Utilities 2013

How to get TuneUp Utilities 2013 for free?? Just follow this few steps!

Here you have some user reviews
"I'm using TuneUp Utilities 2012 for the first time. I have used all of the utilities except for economy mode and turbo mode, only because I'm using this program on a older desktop pentium4 PC. All of the utilities have improved the performace so much that I don't think I need turbo mode, maybe I'll it later. Great product."

"This is the best program I have ever used ! It Cleans , increase performance and do every thing !!!!!! thanks a lot, Now I know that this is the best !! , because i have used a lot of other system utilities and most of them destroyed my system :( thanks again"

"Using Tuneup Utilities Since 2008, Its always optimized my system and gave me best performance then my friends PC"

I hope that you have enought arguments to get TuneUp Utilities for free, real price is 50$

1. Downlaod and extract .rar file.
Download link or mirror

2. Install TuneUp Utilities from .rar file after the installations complete do not UPDATE   program

3. Run PATCH from .rar file and fill it up with fake informations.


THIS FILE DOES NOT HAVE A VIRUS here u can scan url.

For more informations you can contact me on mail: synovia18@gmail.com

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